Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cataclysm T- 2 days: Are you ready? 4.0.3

Cataclysm is in about two days. It's on everyone's mind as we're buying up Wrath items while people clear out space for the incoming expansion. We're all pondering the best choices of action, which toon/profession to level first and how we're going to do it.

So I thought I would go over a few things that I may have touched on, and other bloggers are talking about as well.

Basic preparations:

I wrote a post about where to find trainers and familiarizing yourself with Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Check it out if you're Alliance, but also if you not sure if you've thought of all the important NPC's you'll need to find on release day and beyond. "Now the world has changed..."

A few questions we should be asking ourselves:

Have you cleared your banks of items you will no longer use and hold no "keep-sake" value to them?

Have you stocked enough cheap mats to feed back into the market later?

Have you left yourself with enough room, even in character banks, for new materials and item storage?

Have you stocked up each toon you plan on leveling with appropriate elixirs/flasks, buff food, scrolls, fort scrolls, drums, potions, enchant scrolls/ mats or reagents? New uncommon gems will likely flood the market within a few days, so I would not concern myself with too many gems.

Have you bought Master Riding on all characters, especially your farming toons, ready to buy Flight Masters License?

Have you prepared your characters with a quest log of dailies to hand-in in ICC to give yourself a head start?

Have you researched zones to know what levels they are recommended/ gated for, or found some beta info on node positions?

Have you researched quest lines, or dungeons for boss information?

Have you equipped your farming/ gathering toons with bags appropriate/ large enough for what they will be gathering? What about Enchant Gloves: Gatherer?

If you're planning on going for server first 85, or atleast powering to get there, you should considering taking consumables to carry you the whole way, bank space, plan a rough sketch of how you're going to get there. But very importantly, for the love of gaming, don't fill your body up with crap. It will make Fractella very sad :(. Please look into foods that are good for you. Don't eat anything with high simple carbs, be that flour or sugar. Make sure you consume protein, whether that means slices of cold cuts right from the packet, or left overs, or scrambled eggs.

My own plans are to whip up a yummy quiche if I have time to keep in the fridge, home-made iced tea, and a hommus-type bean puree my family loves to dip veggies in. Eggs, beans, chicken, fish and veggies are all great items to have on your "sleep deprived" diet, and prepare them ahead of time so you can just grab and continue leveling. Potato chips, soda, lollies/ candy should not even be a consideration. Yes, I freaking said no chips, got it?

If you choose to consume caffeine, the healthiest choice is tea. The caffeine in tea acts differently, releasing slower over time and reducing a "crash", so if you can make yourself some hot cups of tea (or home-made iced tea without sugar), do so. If you can't stand tea and prefer coffee, don't add the sugar and drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate yourself and lower brain function. Stay away from energy drinks if you are serious about doing this.

A few other blogs you should check out:

Sterling's Realm first 85 post is more than excellent and very informative.
Trading with Zoxy has some quick info on questing and some thoughts on preparation.

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