Friday, December 17, 2010

Gold and heroic dungeon grinds. Cataclysm 4.0.3

I've been so swamped with grinding rep, running dungeons and Christmas that I've hardly found much time to really focus on any gold-making. 

However, I've found JC to be the most profitable by far. If you can get yourself a cut that is desired, but no one else has, it's pretty logical that you're going to make a fair bit. Gem cuts that no one else has, or few people do, or even few people have the raw gems to cut, are going for about 300-400g on my server. Common cuts are going for about 115g. Either way, at 150-200g a stack of ore, even just prospecting and selling the gems you get is an easy win when you have little time. 

Cloth and leather are also a steady 150-200g a stack, and I'm really hoping they come down soon. Herbs range from 225g to a low of 60g a stack. If you're trying to make anything with inscription or alchemy I advise doing the herb farming yourself. People are posting items at incredibly competitive prices (at least on my server) and the only way to really stay in the game is to put the effort in yourself and wait for herb prices to decline.

Another gold mine if you're a farmer is to go and fish up all the new fish. They are all extremely expensive and extremely hard to find on the AH because who the hell fishes at the beginning of an expansion? Yea, well if you're waiting on slow-poke guild mates or dungeon queues, bust out that fishing rod and make yourself 250-500g a stack. While you're fishing you're also earning the That's A Lot of Bait guild achievement earning your guild the purchase of Seafood Magnifique, fish feast. 

Fortune Cookie is something that might be a great seller, especially for players that change spec frequently, and what I'm personally aiming for as far as cooking recipes go. The materials for the card are pretty simple to come by, and easily made if you're a scribe, the only risk is whether one of the cards you send to be made into a cookie is one of the ones that vendors for 5000g.

So, about those dungeons, eh? Yes, spending up to 4 hours (it's happened) in heroic dungeons is not fun, however, it's proof that the new content is at least a challenge until we get a bit more gear and can achieve larger amounts of dps, HP on tanks and greater mana pools and regen on healers. So whatever happens, stay chill, relax and enjoy the few points you do earn. Eventually we'll out gear the new content. If you really don't have the patience for it, do something else, seriously. Nothing is as big of a downer as some crabby pug at each other's throats.

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