Friday, December 3, 2010

Looking at BiS enchants for Cataclysm.

Being a melee dps (Rogue) I often can see a bit focused on my own class, and it's true, I do what I know best. However I wanted to discuss a few enchants every enchanter should be picking up right away once you get there.

The new melee BiS weapon enchant is Landslide. (Effect featured in the post image) It is BiS for rogues to dual wield this pretty little enchant, and I'm going to take an educated stab (no pun intended) that Ret Paladins, Cat druids and dps Warriors will be choosing this enchant as well. It grants a nice flat 1000 Attack Power for 12 seconds.

It's also very likely that Power Torrent will be the new caster (dps and heals) BiS enchant. However HeartSong and Hurricane may be sought after by casting classes as well.

Now, depending on tanking dodge caps, I foresee Wind Walk to be a very common BiS tanking enchant. It's also likely that some may consider this enchant for PVP as well.

Now, that aside, you will still sell old Wrath enchants until people reach Heroic dungeon level and Tier 11. Most people will not want to spend the gold to pay for the new expensive enchants until everyone is raid ready, so I suggest saving a few Wrath materials for some BiS enchants when everyone is swapping their gear around.

**However, the new enchants WILL sell and are more than worth your time and effort to craft them and post, just be careful about market flooding because the demand will be slow at first.

Most classes will be concerned with hit rating during their climb to Tier 11, as the combat ratings and requirements shift and become more demanding for the new bosses we will face. Haste and mastery are also well sought after by most classes, while tanks will likely be focusing on dodge. Any enchant that gives these (ok so like all of them) are worth grabbing up.

Some extra thoughts:

Keep in mind that all groups will be focusing on their primary stat: Agility, Strength, Intellect. But when you considering purchasing enchants for your Enchanter, or maybe flipping, you should consider the deeper value of that enchant to the classes you are marketing.

For example:

Enchant Boots: Major Agility VS. Enchant Boots: Assassins Step
or 35 Agility vs 25 agility. Most classes that will be taking these enchants already have movement increasing talents, but would also rather take 35 Agility over 25 + some movement increase. So it's likely that both will sell, but the 35 Agility will be more popular among the hardcore raiders, and :"Assassin's Step" may be more popular among those who think it sounds cool.

Another example of this:

Enchant Boots: Mastery and Enchant Boots: Lavawalker

It may be worth considering that it could very well be the opposite for these enchants. However, it's a 15 point hit this time instead of 10, so the higher mastery rating may still win.

A few side notes/reminders:

It's Blog Carnival Day at JMTC! Unfortunately I did not manage to submit anything this time around, but there's some really great posts, you should check it out if you haven't. Perhaps I will submit something next time. :)

Cold's Gold Factory Win a Pet Code Contest Donate a $1 into the pot up to 3 times and enter a draw to win a pet code from the on-line pet store! Really cool idea just in time for the Holiday season.

Also, Cataclysm is in 4 days. *Squeel*

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