Monday, December 13, 2010

Overview of the first week of Cataclsym.

First off, sincere apologies for taking my sweet time. I've had a very busy week and this month is about to only get busier as the holiday season approaches. This means I won't be posting as frequently as I'd like too, but I will be back into my normal posting schedule soon after New Years and hopefully I'll be able to write about some more detailed ideas. But for now I haven't even had a chance to go farming and check out new routes since the hotfix that nerfed all the nodes because I've been cramming to get my main to 85. I'm falling behind! So today's post is just some bits and pieces from my own experience in Cataclsym so far.

From my own experiences the best money-makers are the items that the rich can invest in and get richer off of. Hardened Elementium Bar is/was outrageously expensive on my server for a long time, and last I checked it did not change much. This was because Volatile Earth was really expensive as well, actually all volatiles were and still are, except life has dropped a bit (thank god). However, this crunch lead people, like me, who had leveled 6 professions in the first few days were able to profit by simply being the first to get there.

I made a fair amount off engineer crafted weapons, Truegold is an amazing investment with nearly triple return for me on my server. The Adventurer's Journal  were also selling well, considering the 10% bonus to questing XP.  Manual of the Planes and other inscription relics are also solid sellers, just watch out for market flooding. As soon as I can start gathering Chaos Orbs I'll be pumping out a few Overpowered Chicken Splitters since rogues can use them for single-target fights as a stat bonus, and I've seen a good few hunters looking for them. The biggest name of the game at the moment is item level, and of course everyone wants gear.

I had no luck with the DMF idea I had, mostly because of the bugs my main experienced and real life demanding my presence else where. But it looks like no one else made any decks either, which also disappoints me a bit, because I wanted one.

I don't have anything exciting for fresh yet, because, let's face it, it's only the first week. Making gold right now is easy, but takes a bit of craft to quickly pick up the flow of the market. Use your cooldowns wisely as well. I've been doing Transmute: Truegold and Transmute: Shadowspirit Diamond. Since shadowspirit diamond and Fire Prism require the same reagents, I don't bother with Fire Prism, since the meta gems are more valuable at the moment.

If you're a leatherworker, you should make some PVE gear. All I see is PVP gear on the AH, and I would really like something to wear on  my rogue that isn't a 305 ilvl green I got from questing. BS and tailoring too, will make an absolute killing once they start running heroics and crating items everyone needs to help them gear up, however, the sooner the better.

A bit of a side note:

The leveling content is pretty awesome, when it wasn't bugged out. Everything seems to be sorted now, so go back and unlock all the reps and enjoy the quest chains, this is what I've been doing while waiting on dungeon queues. The dungeons themselves are awesome, and I'm enjoying the challenge. Heroics are hilarious, and you have to have a good sense of humour going into one, especially if you're planning to pug.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. :)


  1. Yes I have my best coin making with ore, bars and Volatile earth. It is very high where I am at. Once it slows down I will slow down on the farming...but right now it just sells as soon as it hits the market.

  2. Just found your blog - nice read! Would you mind exchanging blogrolls?