Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 4.0.3

Merry Christmas to the West, and Happy Boxing Day to the East!

I had a wonderful Christmas, however the Holiday is not over for me until post-New Years, so my postings will continue to be sporadic.

This is an interesting time of year, and a lot of you may have been profiting off of vendor purchased items, Christmas attire, and all the new accounts coming into play. If you have time, farm, farm farm. I've been logging in and farming while I chat to all my relatives back home (thank god for Skype) and running around snatching up herbs and ore.

While the prices on my server are declining, others are anticipating an incline in prices again, or at least an increased demand on ores, bars and herbs. Either way, it's still a great time to profit from farming, and possibly the low prices on the auction house.

Just a reminder that Darkmoon Faire will be returning next week. You have about 7 days to start preparing some card decks if you're going for The Insane title, or just looking to try your hand at profiting from the trinkets. Keep an eye out, if the market seems flooded, be patient and hold back with your sales. The cards will sell to raiders and alts through the expansion, and most of them are looking to be fairly high on the better in-slot items for most classes.

I hope you all have, and continue to have, a very wonderful holiday season, whatever it is that you may be celebrating.

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