Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Expansion day 2.

So when Blizzard gives you massive issues with your main... go farm.

I've farmed an insane amount of Obsidium Ore, and herbs with my DK in just a few hours. I was selling the Nightstone Choker and Hessonite Bands for 200-600g each, depending on the stats/ uncommon or rare quality and was on my way to getting closer to 525 JC (maybe server first) when suddenly I could not interact with NPC's anymore on my rogue. Very sad day for me. :( However, I'm saving myself some gold and making some in the mean time. Maybe now I will be forced to level my inscription up and just beg some really nice guild mates to grab me items from Twilight Highlands.

I did opt to send all BoE non-crafted greens over to my enchanter, but have not collected enough mats to bother leveling her up quite yet.

Sorry about the short, kind of pointless updates. I'm sure many people are too busy exploring the new content and making their own gold as well. Don't worry, I promise some more insightful stuff later on. Posting might be a bit sporadic with Christmas coming up as well, but I will still be posting as often as I can.


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