Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cataclysm BoE Drops List, for completionists.

You were totally thinking I forgot about these, didn't you? Well, I didn't, so here goes.

Fractella's Cataclysm BoE Drops List

** Disclaimer ** This is based on Datamined information and everything here is subject to change, or may be partially incorrect. It's entirely possible some of these items are not BoE at all, like wowhead says, and it's entirely like that some of these items are crafted. It's not my fault.

I'm going to kick this list off with some curious items. Not drops, but not crafted either,Valour Point vendors are selling off-tier boots that happen to be BoE. This could be a mistake, however, it's worth putting them here in the event that Blizzard does not correct this.

Valourous Quartermaster BoE Epics:

Boots of the Perilous Sea
Eternal Pathfinders
Fading Violet Sandals
Melodious Slippers
Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms
Rock Furrow Boots
Slippers of Moving Waters
Treads of Fleeting Joy
Woe Breeder's Boots

Epic BoE Cataclysm Armour drops:

Phase-Twister Leggings
Phase-Twister Leggings (Heroic)
Morrie's Waywalker Wrap
Hide of Chromaggus
Hide of Chromaggus (Heroic)
Pauldrons Of Edward the Odd
Bracers of the Dark Pool
Bracers of the Dark Pool (Heroic)
Fury of Angerforge
DONTUSEFury of Angerforge (Heroic) Yes, apparently that's what it's called.
Shadowforge's Lightbound Smock
Shadowforge's Lightbound Smock (Heroic)
Zom's Electrostatic Cloak
Ironstar's Impenetrable Cover
Ironstar's Impenetrable Cover (Heroic)
Treads of Savage Beatings
Treads of Savage Beatings (Heroic)
Heaving Plates of Protection
Heaving Plates of Protection (Heroic)
Corefiend Legplates
Drape of Inimitable Fate
Unheeded Warning
Tsanga's Helm
Corehammer's Riveted Gurdle
Corehammer's Riveted Gurdle (Heroic)
Gilnean Ring of Ruination
Signet of High Arcanist Savor
Blockade's Lost Shield
Heartbound Tome
Grips of the Failed Immortal
Icebone Hauberk
Blauvelt's Family Crest
Buc-Zakai Choker
Ritssyn's Ruminous Drape

Epic BoE Cataclysm Weapons Drops:

Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending
Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending (Heroic)
Claws of Agony
Claws of Agony (Heroic)
Claws of Torment
Claws of Torment (Heroic)
Crossfire Carbine The tool tip says Heroic, but the item level says normal.
Crossfire Carbine (Heroic)
Dragonwreck Throwing Axe
Maimgor's Bite
Maimgor's Bite (Heroic)
Maldo's Sword Cane
Maldo's Sword Cane (Heroic)
Soul Blade
Soul Blade (Heroic)
Theresa's Booklight
Theresa's Booklight (Heroic)
Krol Decapitator
The Twilight Blade

Jewelcrafting Epic and Rare BoE Proc's (Because I forgot)

Alicite Pendant
Choker Of Night
Pyrium Band
Hessonite Band
Nightstone Choker
Jasper Ring
Jasper Ring
Alicite Pendant

It's likely these items won't be as hot, considering the item level, or for the same reason they could be.

Check out my Darkmoon Faire Cards post for info on Darkmoon Cards. These might be worth adding to your snatch as well.

You'd think we'd be done by now, but we're not, sorry. Because I love punishment, here's the uncommon armour and weapon drops.

Uncommon BoE Cataclysm Armour Drops:

Abandoned Dark Iron Ring
Abandoned Dark Iron Ring (Heroic)
Acanthia's Lost Pendant
Acanthia's Lost Pendant (Heroic)
Amulet of the Howling Watch
Band of Pleasant Pain
Band of the Virtuous
Barnacle Pendant
Barnacle Pendant (Heroic)
Binding Promise
Soul's Anguish
Charm of the Muse
Charm of the Muse (Heroic)
Immaculate Br'etc Signet
Impetuous Query
Impetuous Query (Heroic)
Nightrend Choker Purchased from vendor once Revered with Guardians of Hyjal
Ring of the Great Whale
Ring of the Great Whale (Heroic)
Kuang's Locket of Secrets
Heart of the Vile
Heartbinder Ring
Temple Band
Temple Band (Heroic)
Soulsurge Necklace
Eye of Heaven
Poison Vile Ring
Bottled Lighting
Lady La-La's Singing Shell
Unquenchable Flame

Just looking at the amount here, it's clear that the source for these object may change, or some may end up being BoP, but at the same time it's entirely feasible that all of these items are BoE.

Hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment if I've missed anything, or if there's any mistakes I should correct.

Thanks :)


  1. There is ZERO chance that heroic level raid drops are going to be BOE.

  2. @ Brian. Thanks for mentioning that, I'd really appreciate a source for this information if you have one, since what you're saying conflicts with my source. It would be very appreciated. :)