Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now that the world has changed...

Quick gold tip:

Meta gems have been changed, well a few anyways. A very popular meta, Relentless Earthsiege Diamond now "requires more blue gems than red gems". Unfortunately, the majority of classes that prefered this meta have more red than blue gems on their gear, because they are agility stackers. This means that rogues, hunters, and I believe cat druids will now all need to change their meta. Gem of choice seems to be Thundering Skyflare Diamond as a temporary replacement. A blue post has said that the gems will be reverted back, but not until the next major patch as it cannot be hot fixed. So there's a bit of an opportunity to make a little gold. Anyone serious about the game will likely swap to this alternative meta gem.

Warning to Horde: The following is more Alliance specific, but you can get some general ideas from this.

In preparation for Cataclysm, I decided I should spend some time wandering and familiarize myself with the new Stormwind. First things you should do is go find the following:

Some specific trainers:
Fishing Supplies/ Quest giver  The trainer is standing right next to her.
Cooking Quest giver and likely trainer The vendor is right near him.
And because we're not sure: Cooking trainer.
Archaeology Trainer Appropriately in the Stormwind Library.

Check out the food and drink vendors because they already have the new tier of consumables for 80 and 85. You can also pick up and complete the fishing and cooking dailies for rewards, but you will not gain profession levels from this, and you will not be able to learn the new recipes until Cataclysm, when the next level of each profession is available.

Some of these NPC's won't have anything to sell you yet, but when you talk to them it's obvious that there will be things in those trainer lists or vendor boxes.

Then find an Inn to set your hearth to. There's a few options here. The Trade District is nearest the flight paths, a bank, an auction house and some trainers and also very central in Stormwind. Old Town is nearest the Justice Point and Tier 11 vendors, as well as rogue, warrior and hunter trainers. Lastly, and my choice, is the Dwarven District. 

Other than not being near the flight point out of Stormwind, the Dwarven District's inn seems to be the most ideal place. There's an AH, a bank, the tram, harbour, and close to Old Town where my class trainer is along with the JP, VP and T11 vendors. Also, this is closest to the portal site, at least once you can fly. I'm pretty sure you can fly in Stormwind once you learn flying in the Old world, but don't hurt me if I'm wrong.

For me, my engineering trainer is right outside the inn, the anvil is close by as well, however, the jewelcrafting trainer is along the canals near the Trade District. Oh well, you can't have everything. 

Also, you are able to go and learn the location of one of the first new dungeons available in Cataclysm: Blackrock Caverns. You can discover the entrance by going to Blackrock Mountain. If you follow the link to the top comment will give you adequate instructions on how to find it. This is necessary to queue up for the dungeon if you desire to enter dungeons while questing. I suggest doing this in guild groups to save time. Gear ilvl in this instance is 279 for normal. The other instance people are talking about for 80-81 is The Throne of Tides but you will have to discover it once Cataclysm opens, as it is located in Vashs'ir.

If you're interested in leveling fast, or farming, I suggest starting off in Hyjal. However, if you're wanting to beat some crowds, discover the new instance, and do some interesting quest lines, start off in Vashj'ir.

Personally, I plan to level at a quick pace, but I will not be rushing for server first. I prefer to enjoy the expansion and not burn through it so fast I don't have a clue about what is going on. That being said, I have more than enough leveling to do, so I should experience the lore and plots by the time I have my army at level cap. And probably will accomplish a lot of farming along the way.

So, what's your plan? How are you getting ready for the coming expansion that's 2 weeks away?

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