Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My pre-Cata doing.

So, after my last post about using your brain and thinking, I thought maybe I might be nice and share what I'm stockpiling and other small things I'm doing pre-expansion.

I'm currently holding on to a full bank tab of Saronite Ore, a bank tab of cloth, and cheap Eternals.

Not really much is it? Well, I never bothered with the pets, and I've been rather busy with achievements. The only other things I'm considering are Cobalt ore, borean/ heavy borean leather and a few stacks of each of the Northrend herbs. I'm being overly cautious, on purpose. I know that when the expansion comes out I want to focus on Cataclysm stuff. Why? Well, since I'm into raiding etc, I'm going to need many of the new things Cataclysm has to offer for my 4 (yes, 4) raiding toons, plus the other 3 80's belonging to family members that my bank has adopted. I don't want to be putting all my efforts into clearing out guild banks so I can fill them with new stuff, so I'm sure to leave room open.

Pre-expansion, however, I've noticed there's a serious lack of elixirs on our server, so I put out a little test with a few stacks and a few singles of different elixirs and they all sold. So, I'll be back at that again. I also scoped out the rune scroll and drums market, unfortunately they look fairly flooded, but I'll keep my eye on them for now. The food markets is interesting on this server. There's always a fair amount of cooked products, but never any of the raw meats. I'm pretty sure a few people have this market dominated, but I'm also keeping my eye out on it.

Why am I doing this? Well, there's many people who aren't bothering any more with making sales, so there's markets with big gaping holes in them. Why have I chosen these certain markets? Well if you haven't noticed the pattern yet, I'm looking at consumables. I can sell them now, and I'll also be able to sell them right into the first week of Cataclsym. There will be many people wanting to power level to 85, and will suddenly think about consumables last minute. If you can get a few friends to have a discussion about server first leveling over trade chat during peak hours, this may help increase the demand for your products. Any crafty AH pvpers will have already considered this, or just don't care at the moment.

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