Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which toon?

As the next expansion nears, I'm sure the majority of players are asking themselves "what do I want to do in the expansion?" I know I am. I have 4 level 80's that all have professions that are fairly valuable. I have a JC/ Engineer (main PVE, Rogue), a Tailor/ Enchanter (Druid resto/boom), a Herb/Miner (DK Frost/blood) and a Alchemist/ Inscription (Mage). ( I fund toons with the rest of the professions in exchange for use). So, my most obvious choice would be my rogue, I definately want her to 85 because I'll be playing her the most and want to get her geared up and ready. However, my DK will be a massive money-maker, if I can handle farming for hours instead of getting rep and gear for my rogue and starting in on that pesky achievement-whoring fever I have. The druid and mage are both enjoyable as raiding alts, and both their professions are needed and valued in my gold-making.

So there's only one choice to make here. Level, level, level, and level some more until my eyes bleed. Ok no, not really. I guess the biggest thing is to know yourself and your play style. It would suck quite a bit if you spent so much of your first play hours powering your farming toon, only to get them up to a good farming level and not want to farm. It could also go where you just aren't interested in playing a class that has really important professions on them. Or, like me, you wish you could log into your account 4 different times, on 4 toons, and /follow and then you wouldn't be chewing your nails and freaking out about omgwhatdoIfreakingdoaboutthisproblemIhave?!

*Breathes deeply* Ok, so it's just a game, and I've been stock-piling gold-making stuff to carry me through so I can enjoy it. But oh man. I'm just really excited for something new. I've accepted (and you should too) that you just can't level everything at once. Ultimately, you should let your heart decide for you and level the toon you know you love the most. Or, if you're cold hearted, go ahead and level that farmer, because I'll be the poor sucker paying through my nose for your cold-hearted farmed goods.

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