Friday, November 19, 2010


So, remember my post a few posts past where I talked about consumable speculation?
Well, I decided to go ahead with a few consumables, mostly Elixir of Might Agility and Elixir of Mighty Strength. I purchased Adder's Tongue and Goldclover for roughly 20g per stack, so I can make 10 elixirs (without procs) out of 40g work of herbs. I was selling elixirs in stacks of 5, for 30g each. And yes, every single one sold in the first posting. Pulling in 60g - 40g investment = 20g profit with Agility, but strength was much more profitable since it only requires 2 of one herb type, instead of 2 herbs each of 2 herb types.

 I've watched again, and no one else has posted any consumables. However, today I've posted some again and I'm going to see what happens. So far my competition is nearly non-existent. It's Friday night, so I'm ready to make more if they sell. But, even in the small batch, it's minimal effort for a quick investment return and with little competition, it's guaranteed profit if the demand is there.

However, the herb prices are unrelentingly high. There's an ever decreasing supply and obviously steady demand with the need for raid consumables and the glyph market. I'm really thinking that this isn't as profitable or awesome as I had thought, at least on this server, but mostly I'm testing the demand for consumables not the profitability. Maybe if herbs take a massive drop in value (heh, yea right) I'll snatch up a bunch and try again later. But if they take a hike, which is what I'm expecting, I'll be slapping up my reserve stock.

So my new speculation is to pull out my trusty little fishing rod and go fishing. Anyone have a suggestion on a good show to watch while waiting for that "sploosh" of a caught fish? Between foods that solo buff someone, or mats that are required for feasts it may be a fair investment, even for the later future, to sell for people leveling their cooking profession.

Most people will probably choose to be efficient and make a food they can use themselves or will be valuable to others, so hopefully, Dragonfin Angelfish will be a desired item. If not, it's still time put in for my damned Sea Turtle mount. Other meats to consider are the Nettlefish, Rhino meat, Glacial Salmon, Chunk o' Mammoth and Mussle-Back Sculpin. All of those are used in the Gigantic Feast and Small Feast items that are the bottle neck from 425 to 450, and lead into the making of Fish Feasts. I wouldn't *make* the feasts, just sell the mats, and I also wouldn't make the food unless you knew there was a demand.

Just a note though, in Cataclysm you will be able to use Cataclysm mats at cooking skill level 400, so it's a risk and a bit of a hope that people will be still wanting to use Wrath mats to level past 400. There's only two recipes on beta so far though. It's likely to be easier to buy/ fish up the Wrath mats to level, so there will still be a value in them for people looking to level, or even for the guild achievement Time to Open a Restaurant which requires 10,000 feasts to be laid, however the recipe reward is granted for the 5,000 feasts achievement, but some guilds are packed with achievement junkies.

Alright, so I think I'm rambled enough for one day, and much more than I expected to. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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