Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's been a few days, but not overly much is happening. Except a whole lot of achievement whoring. Actually, before I continue, I want to mention that the glyph prices have become really interesting. Some post for 9g, some for 49g. Sometimes even higher. My speculation here is that people are still producing glyphs, but have adjusted their prices to the new mat requirements and herb prices on my server.

So back to achievements. I finally finished off Shen'dralar rep. Woo! I can finally take it easy with the rest of the feat.  Now, I'm working on making back the gold I spent by preparing for the upcoming holidays, as well as cleaning out my character banks and speculating on what to do with things like my epic gem stash. It's not very large, thankfully, but I supply about 6 characters with gear/enchants/gems and I'm debating whether holding on to a small stash will help in the coming expansion. Likely not, and I should just get rid of them now, since I have two JC toons to make money with.

Also, now may be a good time to look at any professions you want to level/ change for Cataclysm. The markets may be in high supply and low prices, or maybe you have an abundance of mats stored. But importantly, many servers are quiet right now. A lot of people have been taking breaks from farming mats, so it's also a good time to go out and do your own scavenging if you notice your server is a bit quiet.

Oh, back to achievements! My guild has been working on Neck Deep in Vile for the past week or so, and we just found the following strat:

       We did it a couple of weeks ago by accident. During 2nd ledge phase have all your ranged dps stay on LK (Remorseless Winter damage is a joke on normal mode, if the ranged even get hit by it). We didn't intentionally set out to do it like this, but we called a swap after the first Raging Spirit in the ledge phase, used lust and came out with LK at around 23-24%, ignored the remaining Ragings and just burned LK. He spawned the first wave of Vile Spirits but died before they became active, and none exploded on our raid. 

If you intend to try this you could even drop healers for ranged dps (the fight is easily healable by 2-3 people on normal mode, however we did this with 5 healers)

From the official WoW forums

We're giving it a go tomorrow night, so hopefully that will be done and dusted and we can all chill out before Cataclysm and enjoy summer (in the Southern Hemisphere) for a few months before raiding gets back into full swing again. Well some of us will be breaking, there's about 13-15 people working on Bane of the Fallen King at the moment (10 man HM LK). I've been there for every attempt/clear to so far, and to be honest, I've actually found enjoyment and fun for the game again. I'm being challenged with learning a new way of doing the fight, everyone is enjoying themselves (aka no one is complaining about the wiping) and it just gets better. We've had about 40 attempts to far, some due to silly mistakes, many from us trying different things out, but we suspect we should get it in no more than 30 more attempts, and that's being pretty modest about our talents. I think if we did this Pre-4.0.1 we would have a higher success rate, but since everyone is adjusting to the changes in class and game mechanics, it's expected.

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