Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too good to be true.

So I updated as many add ons as I could. I had to grab Postal from because whatever add on it is that opens the mail, was only opening one and wouldn't open another. I'm ashamed to say I have no idea what addon wasn't working with that, but Postal is just fine, I actually like it better since it refreshes the mail box for me.

I opened up QA3 and added all the changed glyphs and made sure there were no charred glyphs in my glyphing group. Then, I posted. 15g threshold, and 100g fall back, but some glyphs are posting above fall back. It's a frenzy to buy glyphs under 20g at the moment by the looks, but I have already sold several glyphs so I'll be reposting frequently all day. I expected to get very little done today any way. Oh, by the way, the QA3 fix works brilliantly.

In other news, there's definitely a world event brewing on the horizon. My bank alt in IF experienced some trembling and the roof in the bank seems to be falling apart by the dirty falling. I'm anticipating the moment I log my level 80's and start messing around with specs and the chore of re-gemming and reforging all of them. Oh well, I'm glad there's some spice back in the game again despite all the known and unknown bugs.

Edit: Ok so firstly, the add-on with the mail fail was QA3. The quick fix I had for it, was working, but QA3 was skipping auctions and was having all sorts of bugs with 4.0.1 data. So, I found two addons. Auction Profit Master and ZeroAuction since the original maker of QA3 has stopped and has given a few permission to create updates, but change the name. Both do the job, but I found ZeroAuction (from JMTC) to be the superior verson.

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