Thursday, October 14, 2010

After the storm.

Well really, it's not over. To be fair, it has slowed a bit, but I've already rolled in another 14k from yesterday's 30k and I've only been at it for 3ish hours this morning. I expect it to continue like this for a couple more days atleast, but I'll be going until I'm out of glyphs. I haven't had much time for anything else though, with all the undercutting wars happening at the moment, and I even dropped my threshold to 10g instead, but most of the glyphs are still selling for about 35-50g a piece and some 150g+.

The epic gem transmute is still bugged. Which has made a lot of very sad pandas, but oh well, hopefully it will get fixed soon.

On to actual play time, it's look like mages, warlocks and boomkins are pretty powerful at the moment, rolling in numbers over 10k in VoA. But GC made a forum post recently about nerfing casters, buffing melee and also putting a temp fix to resilience since our dps adjustments are too over-powered for any challenging PVP.

Actually, as I've been writing this post, I just hauled in the last few k to bring me up to 100k. Yay!

36k when I started posting yesterday to 100k about 24 hours later. Wow.

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