Tuesday, October 19, 2010

March towards Cataclysm.

The last few days of raiding have been incredibly underwhelming. My guild has been focusing on keeping the raid team alive, which is probably the smartest thing, but there's also an arguement that there's just a lot of people who show up because they feel obligated to, and aren't actually that interested in raiding; also a very valid point. Personally, I'm pretty happy to do anything, preferably farm achievements, as I still need my ICC drakes 10 and 25, and wouldn't mind some guild runs of BT for a change to perhaps get me a set of glavies.

As far as gold is concerned, my glyph market has been dwindling, most glyphs sell around 10g now, so about normal. I'm currently speculating on what I want to stock up on for Cataclysm.

I've got my eye out for Blood of the Mountain, and cheap pets that will be disappearing in Cataclysm, on the AH. But I've been considering doing some serious WG farming. Ore, herbs and eternals and making a small stock pile of said items. All these will be needed to level, perhaps not as much needed to level, but they are still needed, especially the eternals. With Wintergrasp being the main farming area currently, I've been curious about how the mechanics of the zone will change, and whether we will see the end of such a full market for eternals. This could be an opportunity to make some gold in Cataclysm from people power-leveling new professions, transmuting wrath gems for levelers, and new players leveling their professions a little later on. It would be a game of patience.

Another thing I've been considering is feasts. There's a guild achievement called Dinner Party and it requires the guild to place 5,000 feasts. I'm assuming this is in the required x amount of guild members, and in a raid. If there are no more restrictions than that, a guild could easily get a group, go to ICC and drop 5,000 fish feasts, or any other feast from Wrath, and get this achievement. Part of me feels this is too good to be true, but it might be worth  holding on to some feasts, or the mats to make them.

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