Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4.0.1 Spec changes, glyph markets and full mailboxes... Oh my!

I'm incredibly excited to see what happens today.

I've got all my bank alts lined up and ready to start posting and rolling in the dough. I slept in this morning, but fortunately, the servers are not up quite yet, and I'll be able to hop on and start posting my glyphs. I really hope this works out well to my advantage, and that I will be able to take an AH hiatus and enjoy the Pre-Cataclysmic events and the beginning of the expansion.

There's a few reasons why I'm seriously considering pulling out of the glyph market once my stock dies, or at least significantly lowering my participation:

Firstly, as you might know already, 4.0.1 is going to shatter many auction house add ons, such as QA3 and Auctioneer. What this will do is force players to manually "click" to post an object. Fortunately, QA3 should still be useful for everything it already does except the auto-post feature, which a few fixes have been developed. I believe JMTC was a major partner in this, and much appreciation goes out to them, and everyone else for their work.

Secondly, glyphs will now cost 3 inks per glyph, up from 1. That means 3x more work for the same out-put and possibly not really worth the profit when you consider that the glyph market will boom for a few weeks at most, and then taper off to a trickle again. At the moment I'll just be watching things, but I'm starting to feel a bit exhausted with the amount of time I spend glyphing when I'm itching to go do other things in game.

So hopefully my strategy and investments will make my bank bountiful yet. The thing about this, is that it's pretty safe to assume you're going to make profit off of something that it's very obvious will be in high demand, especially on my server, which was flagged for new players for the first year of WotLK expansion. Trade has been alight with noobish misconceptions and surprise the past two days, and I'm sure there will be many people scrambling to get themselves organized. It seems cruel counting on people to be ignorant of what's happening, but at the same time, I've worked hard for what I'm about to get. But any way, it's not about whether glyphs will sell or not, but how much they will sell for. And that is the fun part for me.

I've been working for two weeks on stocking up on glyphs, carefully making sure I have a minimal amount of charred glyphs when I log in today. I have about 25-50 of each glyph type at the moment because I sold so much yesterday. In the evening, close to downtime (6pm ST for Oceanic Servers) I posted a last batch for 24 hours, 2 of each, raised my threshold to about 15g, and my fall back to 200g. 200g is far too much, but I thought I might catch some early birds just in case the servers actually went back up in time. Just before shut down, I checked my mail boxes, and I think the highest sale price was about 60g! So I'm going to lower my fall back to about 100g, and see what happens, but I plan to keep a very close eye on the AH.

Good luck to all you other entrepreneurs, and happy Glyph-mas!

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